Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Blue Jay

One of the most colorful birds we have all year round in our area is the Blue Jay. Both the male and female look alike. They are about 12" long and have a crested top head. Both have a black collar and neclace with wings and tail spotted with white and are blue above and grayish white below. 
 They eat acorns and other nuts, fruit, insects and come to bird feeders for sunflower seed and cracked corn. 
 They are fiercely protective of their own nests which they place in bushes or trees. They have about 4 to 5 eggs that are greenish blue spotted with brown. One reason they are not the favorite bird of many people is that they will eat other birds eggs and nestlings. 
 In the fall they form large flocks and in spring they form courtship flocks. These courtship flocks are believed to be composed of 1 female and a number of males and the female is always in the lead as the birds take flight. 
 Blue Jays are one of the few birds that will mob and dive at hawks. 
 Enjoy all our birds and take an extra look next time at our Blue Jays. 

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