Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Chicadee

One of the birds I see most often in front of my shop and in my backyard is the Chickadee. It seems so small but bright and cheery in it's black and white colors and it's spritely movements. They make me happy every time I see them . Many times they are with a titmouse , the little small grey and white bird with the crest on top of it's head . As they are with each other so often I call them cousins. 
 Here in our area we have the Carolina Chickadee. The habitat for this bird is woods, farmland and suburbs. The Carolina Chickadee is about 4 3/4" long. It has a black cap and bib with a white cheek. The feathers on the shoulder are all grey and the lower edge of the bib is clean cut. 
 You can see them up in the tree branches searching for insects, seeds and berries. They come to feeders and like sunflower seeds best. They nest in a natural cavity or excavate in rotted wood but will also use a birdhouse provided for them. Mosses or wood chips make up their nest material and they lay up to six eggs which are white and reddish speckled. 
 In winter time they form flocks but in the spring they disperse into breeding pairs. The males sing and each pair defends its territory. They sing four notes with the 1st and 3rd much higher than the others. 
 As Mr. Roger's use to say "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" and if you see a little chickadee your spirits will be lifted and a little smile may come to your face. 

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